Hindu dancing

Happy International Women’s Day

by Jolene Beiser, Project Archivist

Our NHPRC grant funded American Women Making History and Culture (1963-1982) Project is underway and there are so many incredible programs on their way to being digitally preserved. Since we’re celebrating International Women’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d highlight some recordings of international women that I’ve come across just this week! These three were recorded in the 1960’s, before the Women’s movement really began to take steam, highlighting how unique Pacifica Radio content was at this time, and how lucky we are to have these recordings in our collection.

hindu dancingIshvani Hamilton talking about Hindu Dancing.(1960)

MADAME NHU AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. Trần Lệ Xuân (22 August 1924 – 24 April 2011), popularly known as Madame Nhu, wife of South Vietnamese Premier and de facto First Lady of South Vietnam from 1955 to 1963, – See more at: http://pacificaradioarchives.org/recording/bb0645?f=bb0645&sb=field_pbcoreidentifier_value&so=ASC&ipp=10#sthash.zpbFiNtD.dpuf

HAN_SUYINInterview with Dr. Han Suyin, a Chinese physician, and author of books in English and French on modern China, including “Love is a Many Splendor Thing”(1967)

tranlexuan0Madam Nhu (Trần Lệ Xuân) wife of South Vietnamese Premier and de facto First Lady of South Vietnam from 1955 to 1963, speaks at UC Berkeley (1963)

 These tapes are being sent to George Blood, L.P. in Philadelphia to be digitally preserved in the next few weeks, and digital versions will be available for listening in the upcoming months. In the meantime, listen to a special Women’s Day From The Vault recording–Anais Nin in conversation with Judy Chicago–HERE.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Dr. Lily Golden-Hanga , a Black woman born in the U.S.S.R. of U.S. parentage – See more at: http://pacificaradioarchives.org/recording/az013603?f=az0136&sb=field_pbcoreidentifier_value&so=ASC&ipp=10#sthash.2SqIgA7m.