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Quarterly Report to National Archives

by Brian DeShazor, Project Director

Pacifica Radio Archives recently submitted our quarterly report to the National Archives, describing the grant project activities undertaken during the quarter that included January, February and March of 2015. Highlights include the many ways we’ve promoted the project, particularly during March–Women’s History Month, via social media (,, and Facebook, via public service announcements on the radio, and events including the March 28th “Anaïs Nin’s Influence: Women who Knew Nin Talk About her Writing, Her Life and Their Friendship with Her” at the City of West Hollywood City Council Chambers and March 31st “Poetry Slam at Busboys and Poets” in Washington, D.C.

Feel free to peruse the report by downloading here: NHPRC report_April 30 2015.


Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom 100th Anniversary

by Jolene M. Beiser, Project Archivist


This month celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)–founded in 1915 in the midst of the first World War.  The Women’s Power to Stop War Conference is currently underway  at the Hague in the Netherlands to commemorate this important event and the women who have been fighting for Peace all over the world.

Pacifica Radio’s Amy Goodman is there, and you can listen to her Democracy Now broadcast from the conference here:

Naturally, Pacifica Radio has interviewed several members and recorded several events of WILPF over the years, and we have found six such recordings, four of which are included in our American Women Making History and Culture project.  You can see descriptive records for these programs here:

These recordings and an other 1,996 will be available streaming through the U.C. Berkeley Library’s online catalog and through the Internet Archive this fall! Stay tuned!

April update


Edgar, prepping the boxes for shipment.

by Jolene M. Beiser, Project Archivist

We are two-thirds of the way through this incredible project, having digitized 1,275 recordings out of the 1,700 to be digitized. Or final batch of 425 tapes have arrived at George Blood, LP in Philadephia, PA and are being cooled down prior to digitization due to extensive sticky-shed syndrome found in the batch, a common problem found in 1/4 inch reel-to-reel tapes from this time period (late 70s-early 80s).

Preparing this batch before shipping was also a rough go, which is why we jokingly referred to it as “BARTCH 4”. It contains hundreds of recordings that had little-to-no descriptive information in their records nor on their box labels, many of them requiring new descriptive records altogether. We are ever grateful for the funding from NHPRC to preserve this batch because there are so many gems that could have been lost without this project! Some highlights include: Black Ms. America, Eleanor Smeal announces the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and numerous Women’s music festivals and concert recordings. We’re looking forward to getting these digital files back and listening to them in June!


nhprc-logo-jpeg            george blood

Revolutionary words

by Holly Rose McGee, Archivist

Today’s quote of the day comes from the amazing Margaret Sloan-Hunter (where have you BEEN all my life?!?), during her nationwide tour in 1972 with Gloria Steinem, speaking to young adults about sexism and racism. She ended her speech with a quote, and stated that she was using a quote from a man because the press still didn’t take women seriously enough! But it’s from Bobby Seale, which seemed to appease her audience (and we’re okay with that, too!).

In a Panther household, everyone sweeps the floor, everybody makes the bed, and everybody makes the revolution. Because real manhood depends on the subjugation of no one.
– Bobby Seale, Seize the Time

Hear this segment of the speech here:

And yes, this is from another of the amazing recordings I’m currently processing as part of the grant at Pacifica Radio Archives, and which will be available to listen to on the Internet Archive some day…until then, it’s Archive # BC2781 to you! This recording was made during Steinem’s and Sloan’s appearance at the Brooklyn Montessori School in June 1973, but you can read excerpts of their speeches in this report on their visit to the Ventura Junior College in California in October 1972.

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982  


CD Release Party    

 Join Sonali Kolhatkar, host of KPFK’s Uprising and Brian DeShazor, Pacifica Radio Archives Director and host of From the Vault.


Hear for the first time in decades the sounds of Anaïs Nin, Dr. Margaret Mead, Lily Tomlin, Judy Chicago, Audre Lorde and many more.

We’re recording for an upcoming From the Vault episode!  Raise your voice and be part of the national broadcast.

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“American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982,” Volume 1


 American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 is funded in part by a matching grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

Women in Labor History

by Jolene Beiser, Project Archivist

Happy (belated) Labor Day!  The Zinn Education Project: Women in Labor History page is an excellent resource honoring the women who fought for workers rights, a few of whom are included in the American Women’s project! Great work Zinn Education Project!

Click to link to the Zinn Education Project Women in Labor History page

Click to link to “Zinn Education Project: Women in Labor History”



From the Vault: Pacifica Radio Achives’ weekly radio program

by Jolene Beiser, Project Archivist

Over the years, Pacific Radio Archives has digitized hundreds of recordings featuring important women–artists, activists, politicians, etc. But we have just cracked the surface, having over 1,600 more to digitize and preserve as part of the American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 project.

Several of these recordings have been used for Pacifica’s weekly radio program entitled From The Vault.  I wanted to use this blog post to highlight some of these programs that have already been digitized.

Recently we featured a program from 1980, produced by Moira Rankin and co-produced by Deborah George for Sophie’s Parlor Collective, the oldest women’s radio collective on the air at Pacifica’s youngest station, WPFW in Washington D.C. This “Retrospective on Radical Feminism” was digitized in-house in 2013 and featured in a From The Vault episode available streaming here.

Also in March we feature a 1980 program entitled “Woman to Woman: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton,” a documentary about the relationship between and accomplishments of these two women.  This program was one episode of an eight-part KPFA (Berkeley, CA) series entitled Great Women. The remaining recordings in this series will be digitized as part of the American Women project and the entire series will be preserved together for the long-term. You can listen to this episode of From the Vault here.

One last highlighted program is Germaine Greer at the National Press Club (1971). Germaine Greer: theorist, academic, and journalist, was the first woman ever to be invited to address the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in 1971. An important voice of the feminist movement in the 1970s, she is captured here explaining to the private social club why it is important to examine the ways women are being presented in the press, and why women should be given more opportunities to speak for themselves. Listen to this episode of From the Vault here.

Thank you to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission for the generous grant to support this important project.


–More information about the American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 project can be found here.



Happy International Women’s Day

by Jolene Beiser, Project Archivist

Our NHPRC grant funded American Women Making History and Culture (1963-1982) Project is underway and there are so many incredible programs on their way to being digitally preserved. Since we’re celebrating International Women’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d highlight some recordings of international women that I’ve come across just this week! These three were recorded in the 1960’s, before the Women’s movement really began to take steam, highlighting how unique Pacifica Radio content was at this time, and how lucky we are to have these recordings in our collection.

hindu dancingIshvani Hamilton talking about Hindu Dancing.(1960)

MADAME NHU AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. Trần Lệ Xuân (22 August 1924 – 24 April 2011), popularly known as Madame Nhu, wife of South Vietnamese Premier and de facto First Lady of South Vietnam from 1955 to 1963, – See more at:

HAN_SUYINInterview with Dr. Han Suyin, a Chinese physician, and author of books in English and French on modern China, including “Love is a Many Splendor Thing”(1967)

tranlexuan0Madam Nhu (Trần Lệ Xuân) wife of South Vietnamese Premier and de facto First Lady of South Vietnam from 1955 to 1963, speaks at UC Berkeley (1963)

 These tapes are being sent to George Blood, L.P. in Philadelphia to be digitally preserved in the next few weeks, and digital versions will be available for listening in the upcoming months. In the meantime, listen to a special Women’s Day From The Vault recording–Anais Nin in conversation with Judy Chicago–HERE.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Dr. Lily Golden-Hanga , a Black woman born in the U.S.S.R. of U.S. parentage – See more at:


Simone de Beauvoir interviewed by Studs Terkel (1960)

by Jolene Beiser, Project Archivist

This is wonderful interview of Simone de Beauvoir by Studs Terkel, recorded May 4, 1960. This recording was re-produced as a tribute to Madame de Beauvoir by KPFK producer Lucia Chapelle in 1977, but most of the original interview remains the same. This recording was previously digitized in-house at Pacifica Radio Archives, but is now being preserved long-term through the UC Berkeley Library as part of the American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 grant project with funding provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

The recording is available for listening at the UC Berkeley library here (please be patient while the Real Player loads).

View the Pacifica Radio Archives recording record here.

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