Author: Holly

Through a grant-funded project awarded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), the Pacifica Radio Archives sets out to process approximately 2,000 recordings made by or about American women from 1963-1982. Archivist Holly will periodically share her findings here for your enjoyment.

Revolutionary words

by Holly Rose McGee, Archivist

Today’s quote of the day comes from the amazing Margaret Sloan-Hunter (where have you BEEN all my life?!?), during her nationwide tour in 1972 with Gloria Steinem, speaking to young adults about sexism and racism. She ended her speech with a quote, and stated that she was using a quote from a man because the press still didn’t take women seriously enough! But it’s from Bobby Seale, which seemed to appease her audience (and we’re okay with that, too!).

In a Panther household, everyone sweeps the floor, everybody makes the bed, and everybody makes the revolution. Because real manhood depends on the subjugation of no one.
– Bobby Seale, Seize the Time

Hear this segment of the speech here:

And yes, this is from another of the amazing recordings I’m currently processing as part of the grant at Pacifica Radio Archives, and which will be available to listen to on the Internet Archive some day…until then, it’s Archive # BC2781 to you! This recording was made during Steinem’s and Sloan’s appearance at the Brooklyn Montessori School in June 1973, but you can read excerpts of their speeches in this report on their visit to the Ventura Junior College in California in October 1972.